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"È alquanto ironico che l’unica certezza nella vita sia, paradossalmente, la morte."
- spero di non aver copiato nessuno


Me conversating with halloweenthemeddoemilk

typical me


when I’m in love






Just another Tuesday at Disneyland with my little momma :*)

whyd you take your daughter to disneyland and dress her like she goin to a tupac concert smh. like what the hell, this lil girl is sagging!

Are you new here?

2 things before we get started: 1) based upon your stupid remarks - I have to assume you have a very limited understanding of who Tupac is. 2) if you had the courtesy to message me your opinion, rather than publicly criticize my family, I’d afford you the same - but you didn’t.

Follow along:

My daughter isn’t dressed like Tupac and if she was, what would be wrong with that? My wife sewed a vest for my daughter which matches mine, because my daughter loves my vest. If you don’t - that’s fine, but please keep your ignorance to yourself.

Additionally, she is sagging - not her pants, but her diaper. Have you ever met a child? Been a child? Seen one in a magazine? Sometimes children (specifically babies) have to wear receptacles that absorb and contain their urine. I’m sorry if this is something you haven’t encountered or visually troubles you - but it’s a thing.

Most people that follow me aren’t really a fan of when I do this, but I find it necessary. When ignorant remarks are directed at images of my family - I address them.

Shake your head at that.

Preach it this little girl is adorable anyone who hates on these are messed up in the head

Too fucking cute

i tatuati sono brutte persone

Ra..ah no CAROL!


adjust your scope to make you cope